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      Jeff Vogts(Bodean98)
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      2018 Buck

      A picture of a buck my oldest child took this evening!

      Got a VERY late start. She had to pick up her daughter and go to the doctor, etc, etc. Didn’t get to the stand until 5:00!! About 5:20 this guy steps out. He was about 180 yards and standing broadside. One shot, hit him high in the lungs and he was down for the count. The rifle is a Ruger M77 in 7.62 x 39 using sierra 125 gr. spitzers. I shortened the barrel to 18″ and restocked it years ago so the kids had a rifle that would fit them. It is affectionately know as the “kids rifle”. I believe this little rifle has taken more deer than all of my other rifles combined!!

      Nothing really remarkable about this story, other than I can say “that’s my girl”

      I hope you don’t mind a little bragging!!

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      That is an excellent Buck, and a nice rifle also 🙂

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      •  Very  very nice buck. I shot my deer ,6 point also with a 7.62×39 last year  at about 175 yards. It was with my sks but do want a bolt gun.
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      The two of you should be very proud, congrats.


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      I been wondering for quite some time now , how does 7.62×39 work on deer.?

      Nice buck.

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      Larry Gibson
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      Excellent deer, well done lady……. I always like these kinds of hunting success as it brings back fond memories of deer hunting with my own daughter.

      I’ve a sweet little Mini MK X in 7.62×39 that shoots the Hornady .310 123 gr SPs very well at 2350 fps.  It is very effective on deer.  I picked up a RD type 150 gr mold (group buy on CBF) some years back.  Cast soft and slightly HP’d it should do very well on deer out to 200 yards also pushed along at 1950 fps.  It will go to a grandson in a couple years when he is old enough to shoot/hunt.

      Again, excellent shot your daughter made on a very nice buck……bet you’re one proud papa……

      Larry Gibson

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      Rattlesnake Charlie
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      Could we get more photos of the rack from different angles. The left antler near the base appears to have a tine in addition to the eye guard. I can’t see much of the right antler due to the angle of the photo.

      My children grew up while I was on the road to maintain the bank account. I do hope I’ll get a chance to hunt with them yet. Grandchildren are already shooting. Life happens fast.

      Again, congratulations to both your daughter and you.

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