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    I currently hunt with an old Winchester pump action shot gun. I hunt dove and turkey with it, but I am wanting an auto loading shot gun. I have been looking at the Stoeger M 3500 any thoughts or opinions thanks rrh

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    I am a pump guy myself, I got started with Rem 870 Wingmasters. The good ones not the cheap ones.  I myself never saw the need for a semi auto shotgun for myself.  I shoot too fast to often as it is.


    I have 3 870’s, a 20 ga cut down to fit me when I started. Stock is a little short now but it is still my prefered gun for in the woods, fast swinging and shotgun & Slugs deer hunting.  Have harvested many with it including one trophy 10 point. Next is a 12 ga special trap with extra high comb, rib, dual beeds on the rib, 30 inch barrel. This saw double duty as my duck/goose gun.  With a load of dueces this would dump a big canada goose clean at 50 yards if I did my part.


    Last is a 16 ga, one of the earliest ones built. Plain barrel, no rib. This gun at a glance was used and used a lot, and loved, and cared for.  Maybe 60% of blueing remains. This was my grandmothers brothers gun. We met when I was 5, he was up visiting.

    I was sulking because the sun was up and I wanted to fish. But no one else was up. And not long before I had walked off the dock while fighting a fish. So I was only allowed on the dock if an adult was present.


    Uncle Orrin as I called him gently pried the reason for my sulk out of me.


    Then quietly asked. “will I do?”  Well yeah, your old, your an adult. “Do you know where bob keeps the rods?” he asked? Well yeah, they are right here in the shed. This is my rod.  I point towards one of the gleaming Mitchell 300 reels and rod combo’s hanging high up. I think that is the rod you used last night.


    We spent the next week constantly together. Quietly for the most part. Words are not needed a lot when the fishing is good.


    For several years he would come up and spend a week or 2. They normally stopped in Michigan and would load up on bushels of peaches, cherry’s. There would be a big canning party.


    And there would be lots of cool misty summer mornings where you could see dimples on the water from sunfish. And once and a while a bigger ring from a big bass.  Miss you Uncle Orrin, and thank you.

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    Awesome story Ghosthawk. Thanks for sharing.


    To the OP, I have been circling the wagons for quite some time in the same direction as you. The older Stoager 2000 SA shotgun fits me like a glove, and I almost cannot miss with it. I love that shotgun, but they are harder to find than the new 3500 model.

    I have invited several friends over to the shop to shoot some skeet and asked if they would bring their new 3500 guns over so I could get a feel for them.

    After tossing shot with two of these guns, I can say I really really like them for the price point. Obviously, I like the Benelli Black Eagle II better, but if you think I’m going to drop $1700 on a scattergun, you’ve got another think coming!!!

    The Stoeger M3500 seems like a very nice compromise and I would buy one in a heartbeat if I needed that sort of thing.

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