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      I talked briefly with the commander and chief during my visit about a foolhardy quest …..
      ok that’s a bit harsh but aren’t we all our worst critic ?

      ​​​​​The quest is for , ultimately , a 460 S&W repeater rifle . No I don’t want a 45-70 . I want to be able to shoot 5 plus rimmed cases and a shot shell because .
      The tools , platform and parts presented themselves for a 45 Raptor which meets little to none of the above except as a pistol caliber 45 cal rifle cartridge . Nope can’t shoot ACP or mags …….. well I could , probably , the 7mm Mauser extractor would nicely hold them to the bolt face I’m sure . The feasibility study moves forward .

      The first problem I discovered is that even at moderate load levels a 5.5# rifle moves a lot and a 2 point Weaver rail wouldn’t stay put with a dot type optic installed . The 5 Moa dot isn’t helpful for load testing anyway .
      I’ve replaced that with a Williams Handi rifle sight set with a donated Savage rear peep insert installed . Being on the front ring of an SR Mauser isn’t the handicap I would have thought it would be , even with my both eyes open new to me technique . That should help groups ,what with being able to keep the sights attached to the rifle and all . ( I expect at least one of you to have the mental image of the mount and sight coming off under recoil and bouncing off my full figured fore head and the associated cussing) 😉 . The barrel is a 16″ 1-16″ twist Sporter conture .685 at the muzzle . Bore groove comes in at .445 x .452 chambered at 1.85 case mouth to bolt face .
      Cases are from straightened 308 trimmed to 1.82 (growth , tool error etc) . Currently I’m neck sizing with a 45 ACP FCD gutted , decapping with RCBS universal and seating with the Lee seating die from the 3 die 460 set.
      A moderate load in this case is 12 gr of Unique under a couple of different 454424s , 452-255@265 gr , a commercial 230 RN , a paper patched 429421 and a custom 454-350 . During 3 separate trips to shoot the 230 , 255 and 429421 @ .448 with 2 wraps of reciept tape paper . Speeds are in the 1300s .
      Full bore loads are accomplished for now with 39-41 gr of H322 and the custom 454-350 plain base . These clock into the 1600s seated to 2.300 . The H322 cleans up at 39.5 and exceed the alloy base strength with 40.0 but the 1st shot went 1770 fps . Hopefully I will have a perfect load between 39.2-39.7 ,and I won’t have to shoot a 1000s to find the load .

      Turning to the rev theory …….. Check my knowledge base here . 1775 is about all I can get with nominal bullets and normal loading ?
      The 429421 PP at 257 gr should make that pretty easy as an upper limit and I don’t have any desire to shoot loads any heavier than that with the 350 .

      Best loads at this point are an honest 2″ circle at 50 yd and can be bettered with sizing and load tuning , I’m 50 rounds after all .

      16″ twist .
      1.3×1800×60= 140,???
      45 cal peaks below the 144k
      1700 comes out 79,???

      ​​​​​Next weekend I’ll get some sized and sent with solid sights .

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