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      We started haveing probelms with the SSL at our old hosting company and they couldn’t tell us why.  So….  We decided to more everything to a new hosting company.  They told us they could move the whole shebang, databases and all,…..

      As soon as we transfered everything and shut the old site down, everything stopped working. 🙁

      I’ve been sitting at this chair for the past week and a half trying to salvage as much as I could.  I did a fresh install of ZenCart, but it wouldn’t accept the old database.  So I entered in all new products and everything, then it wouldn’t let you log in.  So I had to dump everything and install a different version…

      I did take a break on Saturday and broke out the 454 for some Big Bore Therapy!

      I finally was able to dig into the old database files and salvage all of the customer data except the passwords.  So the first time you go to log in, just request a new password and you should get one in an email.  The email is a little slow, but it does go out.

      The new store has a little bit different look to it, and the categories might be a little clearer now.

      Please let me know if you find anything that isn’t finished on it yet.

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      That’s just what happened here at GSF when we switched. It cost dearly to get it back up and running. If I could do it all over again, I believe I would have started over from scratch and put a link to the new site on the old one.

      Sorry to hear of your troubles!!!!

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