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      So a client brought in a brand new Remington 700 Sendero in 7mm Remington Magnum to have it checked out before he spent a lot of money and barrel life getting a load that doesn’t work well.

      I scoped it, and saw the chamber was crooked in a very bad way. Even though 7mag has a freebore that should clean up all the lands till the lead takes over and lets the lands take the bullet smoothly, this chamber had lands coming all the way up to the case mouth on one side, and about 1/2″ before the lands started at 180° . One of the worst I’ve seen.

      I told him this rifle is going to have trouble printing less than 2MOA at 100 yards with a throat like that. He was obviously upset and wanted to just throw in a Krieger, but I told him I’d like to try to save the barrel. He agreed to let me try, so I pulled the barrel and cut off the tenon, then blueprinted the receiver, added an oversize recoil lug and pinned it in place. Then I rethreaded the barrel for a perfect fit to the receiver, chambered it with the match reamer, threaded the muzzle 5/8-24, recrowned, and lapped the entire barrel. Finally, I scraped out the barrel channel, and bedded the whole mess in the stock and dressed it up with the laser engraver.

      I measured the twist rate at 1/9.25 exactly (optically measured. Very reliable and accurate method).

      We decided to test it out yesterday and see what shakes out. He made the loads and used 168 grain Matchking bullets over Retumbo. Results were kinda sad and lackluster. I’m going to call the precision 1.25″ average at 100 yards.

      I’m willing to call a spade a spade, but I really believe it will shoot better. I just texted him and said to make some loads using that same bullet over H4831 and seat the bullet .015 off the lands this time.

      However, I’ve never had a blueprinted rifle with a Kreiger barrel deliver anything more than .875 no matter what load I used with Hornady or Sierra bullets. I hate being stuck in limbo here. I’ve pulled this same routine with several factory rifles and got 1/2MOA groups (albeit with loads I MADE using powder I knew was comfortable in that cartridge.


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      I suddenly feel much better about my slop throated Savages .
      I wish this was the first Rem and family slop I’d heard of . Seems like it’s becoming common place .
      Keep us up on the salvage ?

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      1.25 “ dosent sound that bad. But with all that work you did a little better would be nice.With a little load work you will be pushing 3/4 at 100. I guess it depends what he wants the rifle for.

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