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      I have several very accurate .41 mag revolvers.My most accurate .41 is a S&W 657 Classic 6 1/2″ .It went back to Smith because it wouldn’t shoot well to start with.
      When I got it back they had rebarreled it. Now it is capable of one ragged hole at 25yds.

      I was considering this mold from Accurate:…=41-190W-D.png

      I figure for paper punching it would have less recoil than some,and cut nice clean holes in the target.

      I also have a Ruger Redhawk 5 1/2″ that shoots really well with jacketed bullets, but seems to have the usual Ruger constriction in front of the forcing cone.

      I probably need to get a set of pin gauges and fire lap it.

      Any suggestions for other molds for target work?

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