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    Hi all. I was thinking I had lost contact with Goodsteel before I had a chance to buy one of the old guns he was selling. I see some friends have come in before me.
    There is still a lot I do not know in the casting and reloading areas. But will contribute where possible.
    A little about myself…. I will turn 73 next month but don’t have plans to slow down. I have owned a powder coating shop for the past 8 years. You can ask Ray Strong about the items I coated for him. I am a metal shaper, I build parts for antique airplanes from sheet metal. Parts like engine covers, wheel pants, instrument panels. You can look at to learn more about that. I also plan to start up a blacksmith forge. The idea of rolling a barrel for a muzzle loader like was done in the 1800’s intrigues me.

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    Shaper, it looks like your a well rounded and talented guy I look foward to you posts. Welcome aboard

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    Hi Shaper. Welcome to the site.

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    Welcome! Thanks for signing up!

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