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      Mr. Flake, it has been some time since I have contacted you since I have lost all faith in your ability to represent my values and even your own supposed conservative values. You should remember our last correspondance, the one where I told you that neither you or your RINO mentor Mr. McCain will NEVER recieve another vote from me. Well, my position has not changed. However as one of your constituents I am compelled to inform you to KEEP YOUR GREASY MEAT HOOKS OF MY SECOND AMMENDMENT RIGHTS! The Bill of Rights is non negotiable, hence the term Bill of RIGHTS. Whatever “feel good” legislation on gun control you and you liberal conterparts are putting together is a waste of tax payer time and money, not to mention the fact that CRIMINALS DONT FOLLOW LAWS, again hence the term criminal. I am commited to volunteering what ever time and energy I have available to help your competition get elected next election cycle, as your performance as my representative has been abysmal.

      One of your former supporters

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      I sent something very similar to both Heller and Hari Reid . Neither have done much in my interest ,Heller at all and Hari since some time in the last century. . The treadmill accident was the best thing that ever happened to Hari.

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      Have been a staunch Republican my whole life but the way our elected have been acting prompted me to resign from the party a few months ago. Neighbor down the road has been a staunch Democrat his whole life which has led to a few lively discussions to say the least. Says he completely embarrassed the way his elected are acting and is ready to resign his membership as well. Finally we both agree that we both are being led down a golden path that doesn’t have a good ending.

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