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      So we just signed up for Hulu Plus and found a few cooking programs from Aussie TV one hosted by James Reeson

      – he made these out camping so I had to try them at home.,p0,d0

      You will need some mushrooms – I tried with both large and smaller
      and prefer the smaller.

      You will need bacon – the Aussie bacon is
      considerably longer than any packaged bacon I had on hand so
      resorted to toothpic skewing.

      You’ll need an spices, Egg, Tomato and Onion if you like it and you can wing it from there.

      First take the stem out of your mushroom

      next lay out your bacon in a star or cross pattern

      – he used 3 strips on smaller button you can use 2
      My wife asked me to try with turkey bacon on second batch and it worked well.
      Put the ‘Shoom in the middle of your bacon, cup up

      Now we are going to fill the cup with egg, spices and what ever else you like.

      on the first batch the egg was put in whole ‘cuz the cup was large

      on the second batch the egg was beaten and mixed with fresh basil
      and shredded cheese and you only needed about a tablespoon

      I put a thin slice of Braut in the bottom of my second batch

      Don’t overfill

      top with tomato slice

      fold up the strips and on second batch I hid more between the folds

      I also tried topping the bomb the end of the roma tomato with a thin slice of braut under it – I also thought of cheese after the fact (next time!)

      You can cook in the campfire but if you don’t have one handy use the oven
      or microwave. Be prepared as the ‘shrooms will leak out their moisture.

      Cook until the egg is set inside the cup and bacon cooked.

      Enjoy – the smaller one’s are good candidates as Hors d’oeuvres.

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