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      Had the pleasure of hunting deer in Montana this year; invited by a couple of friends I fish with in Alaska every summer. I had a non-resident combination tag (deer/elk), but warm weather kept the elk out of our way and far back in the mountains.

      My rifle for this hunt was a Goodsteel-built Tikka T3 in 338 Win Mag, and it was Tim’s first attempt at carbon fiber wrapping. He cut the barrel 2 inches and installed a muzzle brake, and bedded the barreled action in a Bell & Carlson fiberglass stock. I was very pleased with the outcome.

      While driving and glassing on a logging road we spotted a buck herding about 4 does, and we parked about a half mile further up the road and walked up the hill until we were above the deer. Turned out to be a 70 yard chip shot and the 210 gr Barnes TTSX shredded both lungs and the buck went DRT. Charge was 70 grains H4831SC.

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      I am very excited to add  carbon rifles to the MBT lineup. I hand lay the carbon here at the shop, and the results are very interesting indeed!

      Light weight, phat look, low recoil, Classic MBT guaranteed precision. It’s the ultimate long range hunting rifle. I’m very pleased with the results!!!


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