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      So you have left over turkey – want to use up some of that sliced breast meat?

      take two cast Iron Skillets that nest together and heat them up on the stove top of in the oven

      While those are heating take some eggs (one for each slice of bread)
      put in a pie tin and add a touch of salt and about half the volume of egg in milk.
      wisk that egg mixture until frothy

      Now take two slices of bread (sour dough or rye is my choice) and soak one side of each
      slice in the egg mixture. Then transfer one slice to the larger of the two hot iron skillets.
      as it starts to cook – take a slice of cheese put it on the bread in the skillet (swiss is good, havarta is excellent – sharp cheddar will work well) now take a slice of turkey breast meat and put
      on top of the cheese – then thinly slice some cranberry jelly and add on top.

      Now put the second slice of bread on the sandwich – egg soaked side up. and
      oil the bottom of the other hot skillet and place on top of the sandwich.
      put a heavy object (that can take the heat) into the top skillet and wait 3 min or so.
      then take off the top skillet and flip the sandwich and replace the top skillet.
      wait another 2 min or so and then remove the top skillet back to the heat to warm up for
      the next sandwich.

      You should have a golden brown sandwich with soft cheese and warm/hot meat and the jelly should have started to soften and incorperate itself into the bread.

      I usually put on a plate and cut in half – but cut or no cut – it’s delicious.

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      Ole Jack
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      My Wife and I used go to a local resturant for these. only thing different was strawberry jam instead of cranberry. I love these things!
      Ole Jack

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