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      With all of the talk of sleeving my new Win 1906 pump 22, I remembered that i had another project gun sitting in the clothset.  It’s an Oberndorf Mauser M420 bolt action 22lr with 5 round mag.

      I rescued it from a Pawn Shop in Florida while in my Navy Tech school.  Someone had already drilled and tapped several holes in it for a side and top scope mount.  The inside of the barrel looks pretty good, except when you shoot it, the cases bulge and sometimes split.

      So, do I drill it out and put a whole new liner in, or would it be possible to just bore out the chamber, sweat a sleeve inplace and cut a new chamber in the sleeve?  It would probably be easier to keep everything lined up with just going with a whole new liner.

      Any thoughts?


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      Yeah, a liner would be the ticket – nice find by the way

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      Definitely with the liner. There’s nothing more important than the chamber and the barrel. If you don’t have that, then you don’t have anything, and compromise there is compromise with the reason you own it. Plain and simple.

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