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      First off, a TLDR: not all MAS36 front sights are soldered in place. The whole story is below.

      I’d been looking around for a mas 36 for a year or so. A good deal on one that hadn’t been shot since it was rearsenaled came my way. Shooting it the first time I noticed that the rifle was shooting to the right by 3″ or so which I was not terribly surprised by since the sights were meant to be adjusted by changing out the rear sight leaf to one of 25 possible. I had believed the French soldered the front sight in place on the barrel. After measuring the group, finding it’s offset, and locating a table showing what leaf I really needed (a G8) I went about looking for one. Best I could come up with was a G4. Before I went to install the new leaf I read an account of a guy who saw his front sight on his mas36 was not soldered in place and was able to drift it where he needed to. The whole rifle is held together with security screws so after modifying a couple bits to fit the slots in the nosecap and barrel band I was able to take the fore end off and see that indeed, the front sight was not soldered on. After some hammering with a brass punch and a test firing today, it’s close enough that I’m gonna leave well enough alone. Long story for not much to say but sometimes I don’t quite know when to shut up.

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      Glad you got it figured out.

      I was once down in Vanuatu (the old New Hebrides Islands) in the South Pacific on an assignment. It was once a jointly ruled area by the French and the Australians. While at the HQ for the Vanuatu Mobile Force in Efate, I spent some time in the unit’s armory. There were several racks of MAS 36 rifles, all unfired as far as I could tell. I asked why, and the armorer told me that they had never been issued the 7.5 French round.

      The troopers of the VMF while I was there used the British SLR rifle in 7.62 NATO which they had ammo for.

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