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      When setting up my new reloading bench I mounted a new Lee Challenger single stage press at the far right end of the bench, intended to be used exclusively for case decapping/sizing and bullet sizing with Lee and NOE push thru sizing dies. I never had one of these before, and shortly after setting it up I discovered that if I wanted to use the spent primer chute, the toggling primer arm had to be in the “flipped out” position for the spent primer to be guided into the chute.

      Now this was irritating to say the least, since I now had pay attention to how far down I lowered the shell holder each time I removed/replaced a case. If I lowered it too far, the primer arm would flip into priming position and I would have to flip it back out manually:

      So I took one of the primer arms to the shop and cut it like this:

      Now it would sit flush inside the slot in the ram:

      And the spent primers would be directed where they were supposed to:

      So, not a big modification but a small one that made my already tedious sizing work a little more tolerable.

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      I like it! I have been down that road with this press before. It sure does stink having to make sure you don’t lower the ram too much. Your improvement should speed things up drastically!

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      My old Challenger doesn’t have that feature and still get the odd primer wants to go sailing out where ever.My Classic Cast press does have it but since the priming arm gets used so little,I just remove it until needed

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