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      Way back in the 90s I ordered a Mak90, it shot great with Lapua 123 gn fmj giving 3 shot groups around 1 1/2″ at 100 yes from the bench with open sights.  So I thought I would add a scope mount and it would be even better.  NOPE.

      I’ve tried several different scope mounts for my Mak90, but none give better accuracy then the iron sights did.  I bought another box of the Lapua fmjs and tried them with a rear sight and side scope mounts.

      I’ve got a few groups that look promising, but they always seem to have some really wide fliers.

      Unfortunately, I have old man eyes now and can’t keep iron sights in focus with a target also.  So I can’t compare the groups with the scope mounts vs iron sights…

      I’m open to any thoughts or suggestions.

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