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      Hello Everybody. I’m cleaning out the closet and thinking about taking some old stuff to a gun show to recycle into some new toys.
      I’ve got a Winchester made 1917 Enfield that I’m trying to figure out what it’s worth. All of the SN match, the wood and metal are in pretty good shape.
      I’m wondering if this was part of the Brithish Wartime Reserve. It has a red band painted on the wood next to the muzzle, which from what I’ve read is how they distinguished between the 30-06(Red Band) and the 303 rifles.
      One bad point here is that it looks like someone whittled down the top of the forend. Maybe to blend in with where it meets the metal?
      I’ve got the Catalog of firearms, but can’t seem to find it listed.
      I did see one spot where it said to check the Standard Catalog of Military Firearms.
      Does anyone have a copy of that and could look this gun up?
      Or an idea of what it’s worth?
      Thanks much.

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      Hi Glenn,
      nice Model 1917. Never knew about the red band! I had one just like it; unfortunately it just wouldn’t shoot well (both Tim and sgt. Mike tried tuning it up for me and nothing worked) so I sent it down the road. It was also a numbers matching Winchester, and it had a virtually perfect stock and handguard. I sold it on CBF within hours; I’m pretty sure i got $400 for it.

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      Prices on non-sporterized military guns have gone up
      I would say from $550 to $700 for this one

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