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      Larry Gibson
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      Beautiful day here in the SW (Arizona) so I slipped off to the range for a couple hours.  No serious testing today, just shooting up some odds n ends.  Had some match loads in ’06 for use in the M1903A1 National Match Type II rifle I buil up from a bare DHT M1903 action I was given some years back.  It’s always been a shooter.  Bullseye67 shot it last a few months back and reported on it over the now defunct 500 yard HV thread.  Maybe we can persuade him to post here as he is a good shooter and is working on some HV XCB loads in a 15″ twist .308W he’s having built.

      Anyways there was a partial box of the 30 XCB s loaded.  It was with weight sorted and match selected XCBs cast of #2 alloy WQ’d in LC 67 match cases with WLR primers.  The load was 20 gr Alliant 2400 with a 1 – 1 1/2 gr Dacron filler.  The XCBs were GC’d and lubed in a .311 H&I die in a Lyman 450 with 2500+ lube.  The bullets were not sized at all as they drop a very consistent .3105 from the 4 cavity aluminum NOE mould.


      I set up at one of the solid benches with a High Power 200 yard reduced for 100 yard target at 100 yards.

      I set the elevation a 11 1/2 moa up but got interrupted by another shooter and forgot to adjust the windage 2 1/4 moa right.  Thus my 1st sighter was left and not realizing I hadn’t adjusted the windage I only went right 1 1/2 moa.  At the 2nd sighter I thought, “this isn’t right” and then noticed my mistake.  After setting the windage to the proper right 2 1/4 moa


      The 1st shot for record was the X at 5 o’clock.  Decided that was close enough I then shot the next 9 shots for record.  Ended up with 8 solid Xs and two 10s.  Group size was 1.65″ which is about as good as my sorry old eyes will do anymore.

      All in all I was pretty pleased.  Had an enjoyable afternoon.  Now I need to cast up a boatload of NOE 30 XCBs.  Might have to try that load in “grandpa’s (that’s me) old M70″…….. that has a scope on it……..

      Larry Gibson



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      Looks like you had a great day at the range ,mine is under 2+ feet of snow . Target looked good too ,and if those are sorry eyes making those holes guess I have to change my name to Ray Charles !!!!!

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      Darren McCann
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      Good evening,

      I am glad to see I didn’t spoil the way it shoots…..LOL  That group looks very similar to the one I shot. That was a fantastic day.

      I am working away on my 15” twist rifle. Two weeks ago I thought I would be shooting gophers with it. Today was the 8th cra**y day with -19C and a sharp wind blowing!! We usually are snow free and grass turning green at this time of year, on well Mother Nature knows what she is doing!!


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