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      Las Vegas Police Won’t Release Video Footage of Las Vegas Shooter – Admit Other Suspects Investigated For Charges

      TIM BROWN — JANUARY 18, 2018

      Following the unsealing of documents that indicate Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock had help in the deadly shooting that took place on October 1, 2017,  Las Vegas Metro Police (LVMPD) have said they would not be releasing information they have withheld, including video of Paddock in the Mandalay Bay Hotel because there is an ongoing investigation and suspects are still being investigated with possible charges to be filed.

      In the previous report, we saw that Paddock’s girlfriend, Mari Lou Danley, is still considered a suspect and at least one other person, according to the documents.

      On Tuesday, in a district courtroom, this was all confirmed by attornies for LVMPD when questioned by an attorney for several media outlets who wanted information to be released.

      LVMPD attorney Nick Crosby told District Court Judge Elissa Cadish that the information simply could not be released at this time due to an investigation that might lead to charges.

      “Without naming names, there are potential charges against other people, because of the ongoing investigation?”, District Court Judge Elissa Cadish asked Metro’s Lawyer Nick Crosby.

      “Yes there are charges being investigated,” Crosby replied.

      And why is this big news?  Well, it seems that it is in conflict with what Sheriff Joe Lombardo has told the public.  Just days ago, Lombardo issued a statement on Saturday saying:

      “The frustrating thing for me as the head of the law enforcement is the keyboard bandits the guys who sit at their couches at their home and Monday morning quarterback everything you do and that are smarter than you. The pressure that we are put under to do the right thing and I believe we did the right thing and I am not hiding anything from anybody. You know what I know. The reason why I say that it is just as important for you to be comfortable living here and have an understanding to prevent another event from taking place, for you to know what exactly happened. So, you know what exactly happened so far. I anticipate a press conference here in about a week to give you more information and to provide the media with more information associated with that event. But there will not be a keystone or an important piece associated with Mr. Paddock and why he did what he did, so it’s important for us to forget that and move on and be resilient.”

      Apparently, something is being hidden for sure.  That’s why it can’t be released, and if suspects are being investigated, it is quite possible we will discover why he did what he did.  It may just well be like the Islamic State said, he was a recent convert to Islam.

      Maggie McCletchie, a lawyer for the media outlets said, “Today is the first time we’ve heard there are additional suspects out there, this contradicts what they have been saying, [Sheriff] Lombardo has said there are no other suspects.”

      Attorney for victims Craig Island wanted more information on just who was suspect and what they were being investigate for in particular.

      “Are they investigating obstruction of justice?” he asked.  “Lies to Metro under oath from Mandalay Bay employees? Is it people who sold [Paddock] the guns or ammunition? Or did someone have knowledge of what he was going to do? Now [Metro Police] are just having us speculate more and more and more.”

      There were no answers given, but Crosby did say that the investigation should be complete within 60 days so that the information could be released.

      As for McCletchie, she claims that over three months have passed and that the public has a right to know what is going on.

      “There are important therapeutic effects of getting information out there after a tragedy,” she said. “The public has a right to know and shouldn’t just have to rely on what the sheriff and other law enforcement is saying.”

      “The public has a dire need to know what happened on 1 October,” McCletchie said.

      The judge was asked by Crosby for a session with her for a private meeting in order to demonstrate his claims.  The judge gave him one week to present his case.

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      Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock’s Body Was Cremated – Brother Finally Gets Them In “Evidence” Box

      TIM BROWN — JANUARY 18, 2018

      I have to say that this smacks of the story of Osama bin Laden’s body being pitched off a ship at an undisclosed location in the ocean, but the word from Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s brother is that his brother’s body was cremated, but getting the coroner to deliver the remains to him was another issue.

      Eric Paddock, who made national headlines with his infamous interview where he seemed to almost spill the beans on his brother but stopped himself, spoke to the Las Vegas Review-Journal on Wednesday and told them about his brother’s remains and the difficulty he has had obtaining them.

      “The coroner seems to think that there has to be some chain of custody because of the criminal investigation,” Paddock said of Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg. “But his remains have nothing to do with the investigation.”

      “The coroner originally told me that he had constructed a plan to have the FBI deliver the remains and this was not the truth,” Paddock added. “He told me he was going to do something, but he didn’t have it in place.”

      However, Fudenberg had apparently said he would attempt to ship the remains to the Orlando Police Department and let Paddock make arrangements to pick them up.

      The Las Vegas Review-Journal added:

      Fudenberg had sent Stephen Paddock’s brain tissue to Stanford University School of Medicine for a neuropathological examination to look for possible disorders that might explain his erratic behavior. On Oct. 1, Paddock fired into a crowd of concertgoers with high-powered rifles from his 32nd-floor Mandalay Bay hotel room, leaving 58 people dead and more than 500 others injured.

      Eric Paddock said his family did not object to the Stanford examination of his brother’s brain.

      Fudenberg released a statement Wednesday afternoon.

      “We are working to deliver the remains in a secure manner to ensure the suspect’s next of kin receives the remains,” he said. “Due to security concerns, we will not be discussing any details related to this.

      “As you know, we recently released the cause and manner of death in this case.”

      Paddock is said to have shot himself in the head as police sought to enter his hotel room.

      Eric Paddock said his family had not received a report concerning the autopsy performed on his brother either.  It’s been more than three months since the man died!  Why was no autopsy report sent to the family?

      Since just days after the shooting, Eric Paddock has been trying to get the remains sent to Orlando, where he and his mother live.  He was also the one who made the request to have his brother cremated.

      However, on Thursday, a day after the Las Vegas Review-Journal ran the story, Paddock received his brother’s remains, but he had to purchase airline tickets and fly to Las Vegas to pick them up.

      Again, from the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

      The remains were contained in a black plastic box sealed with red tape with the word “evidence” written on it. The label bears Stephen Paddock’s name and says his body was cremated on Dec. 21.

      Fudenberg issued a statement Thursday confirming that his office turned over the ashes to Eric Paddock.

      “Due to security concerns, we felt it was important to deliver the remains in a secure manner, which was accomplished,” he said. “At this time we are not releasing any additional information related to this case.”

      Paddock said he did not understand why Fudenberg “decided to play games” with his brother’s ashes.

      “This is a thing that is done when someone dies. That’s all it is,” Paddock said. “If it had just been handled that way, it would have been done the day after he was cremated.”

      Paddock said it would have cost $157 for the coroner’s office to mail his brother’s remains to him in Orlando. Instead, he had to pay $1,500 for an airline ticket.

      “I’m putting the ashes in a safe deposit box in a bank in order to make sure that there’s no hoopla around Steve’s remains,” Paddock said. “I don’t want someone to do something stupid.”

      “I’m going back to my life,” Paddock said outside the coroner’s office.

      I”m not exactly sure why the man’s ashes would be considered “evidence.”  However,  it appears they will be finding their final resting place inside a bank somewhere in Florida.

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