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      Most people have a love-hate relationship with Crocs. The rubbery slip-ons first hit the market in 2002 as boat shoes by a maker in Boulder, Colo. Since then, the company has expanded to include more than 300 different styles, including boots, ballet flats, wedges, and loafers.

      But many have been left wondering whether the spongy shoes are really good for their feet.

      “Unfortunately, Crocs are not suitable for all-day use,” Megan Leahy, DPM, a Chicago-based podiatrist with the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute, tells the Huffington Post. “These shoes do not adequately secure the heel. When the heel is unstable, toes tend to grip, which can lead to tendinitis, worsening of toe deformities, nail problems, corns, and calluses. The same thing can happen with flip-flops or any backless shoes as the heel is not secured.”

      But what if you get the ones with the back strap like Mario Batali’s?

      Still no good, says Alex Kor, DPM, president of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine.

      According to Kor, the problem lies in the flexible shank of the shoe — the portion between the heel and toe.

      “Patients are more likely to have foot pain if their shoes bend in the shank,” Kor tellsHuffington Post. “I see patients who come into my office complaining of arch or heel pain, and they are wearing Crocs.”

      While both Leahy and Kor are quick to dismiss the all-day wear of Crocs, they do admit that they’re OK for the short term.

      “OK to use for trips to the beach or the pool, but [they] should not be used for long walks,” Leahy says.

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      Never found them comfortable myself….. Wife loves hers though.

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      Butch Wax
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      No worries here. I’m a Texan. You wear those things around here your looked upon as a, well, it ain’t polite to say.:eek: But maybe some of those frilly dressers in Dallas might wear em!:rolleyes:

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      ^^^ Lol
      Never wore them, they dont look comfortable, they dont come in steel toe, and Im very protective of my feet. Boots on as soon as I can get them on and they usually stay that way till bed time.

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      Love my crocks. Great house shoes. In my house, it’s often a bad idea to spend too much time wandering around in bare feet because of all the little sharp chips I may have tracked in (I do try to wipe my feet, but its the reality of gunsmithing).
      Therefore, crocks are the perfect answer for house shoes.

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      Chris C
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      I, too, love my Crocks. I keep a pair in my travel trailer for quick trips outside, and keep a pair at the back door of my home for trips to the shop. I have to admit, while I don’t typically wear them walking around all day, they certainly are convenient at times. I hate lacing and unlacing shoes………..and am old but not ready for “velcro-shoes”. 😉

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