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      one package 1.75 lb boneless chicken thighs
      one package 3 chicken breasts sliced 1/2 inch planks
      2 cans cream of mushroom soup
      1 cup of 2% milk
      1 can chicken broth 14 1/2 oz
      2 can of mushroom pcs
      2 3/4 cup white rice
      shredded cheeses (up to 3 cups)

      put rice, soup, broth, milk in large cassorole (up to 2 cups of cheese if you want it)
      dish 13×9 mix together – get out soup lumps
      put in all the chicken breast slices and
      push down below the mixture
      put the mushroom pcs over the top
      put the opened boneless thighs over the top
      cover in aluminum foil
      put in 350 F oven for 60-90 min
      (basically until the chicken is done and the rice the way you like it)
      If you wish remove foil and put on layer of cheese (use remaining cheese)
      over the top cook until melted maybe just a touch of browning.
      remove from oven and wait 10 min to cool and serve.

      cheesy and creamy chicken and rice casserole
      3 cups rice
      1 can cream of mushroom
      1 can cream of chicken
      1 can of whole milk
      1 can of water
      3 cups of shreaded cheese
      3 chicken breasts

      combine both soups, milk and water
      add rice
      add 2 cups shredded cheese
      combine again until blended
      set aside into sprayed 9×13 cassorole pan

      take chicken breasts and slice into strips
      and lay on top of and push down until level
      and then spread rice mixture over the top
      so all the chicken is covered.

      cover in aluminum foil and put in oven 350F
      for 45-60 min. remove aluminum foil and put
      remaining cheese on top and leave for another
      10-15 min.

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