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      Authorities arrested a 25-year-old man in California for a “swatting” prank emergency call that led to the death of an innocent 28-year-old Kansas man who was shot by police responders on Thursday evening as he stood on his front doorstep.

      Tyler Barriss was taken into custody Friday in Los Angeles on suspicion of making up a story about a shooting and hostage situation at a Wichita address halfway across the country. A man by the same name was arrested in 2015 for making a fake bomb threat to an ABC affiliate news station in Los Angeles.

      Relatives identified the deceased as Andrew Finch, who was unarmed, Wichita police confirmed.

      Deputy Wichita Police Chief Troy Livingston said the incident was the result of “swatting,” a type of hoaxassociated with online video gamers, where someone makes up a story in a fake emergency call designed to draw large numbers of police to a specific address.

      Based on the emergency call, placed at 6:18 p.m. CST, officers dispatched to the scene believed someone at the address had an argument with his mother, shot his father in the head, and was then holding his mother and two siblings hostage as he considered setting the house on fire. Swatters often use techniques to shield themselves from call tracing that might give them away, but it is unclear what method, if any, was used here.

      Finch opened the door to a swarm of police shortly after they arrived. Livingston said officers repeatedly gave him verbal commands to raise his hands and walk towards them, but Finch lowered his hands to his waist several times. When Finch moved his hands suddenly upwards, one of the officers believed he had brandished a weapon and fired one shot, the deputy chief added.

      The Kansas incident is believed to be the result of a dispute between two “Call of Duty” gamers that originated on Twitter and escalated when one gamer posted an address that was not his own.

      Finch had no part in the dispute. Relatives told the Wichita Eaglethat he did not even play video games.

      A Twitter user who claimed to have initiated the hoax reportedly denied responsibility for Finch’s death, writing, “I DIDN’T GET ANYONE KILLED BECAUSE I DIDN’T DISCHARGE A WEAPON AND BEING A SWAT MEMBER ISNT MY PROFESSION.”

      Family members told the Wichita Eagle they were handcuffed following the gunshot and taken to a station where they were interviewed by police. They are calling for the authorities to hold the officer who shot him accountable.

      “What gives the cops the right to open fire?” Finch’s mother, Lisa, asked Friday morning. “Why didn’t they give him the same warning they gave us? That cop murdered my son over a false report.”

      Livingston called it “a nightmare for everyone involved” at a press conference on Friday.

      “Due to the actions of a prankster, we have an innocent victim,” he said.

      The officer who fired the deadly shot was placed on administrative leave, per department policy.

      An innocent man Dead, a family in morning and future changed, a Police career probably ruined, and a putz in Kommiephonia saying “I didn’t do nuttin”.  I’m hoping for a very long sentence or a short rope.

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      No matter which way you look at this, I just see trouble on the horizon.


      A an unarmed man in his own house should not have been shot, period.

      The fact that he was, very bad juju.


      B A punk from LA should not be able to make a phone call to Kansas and convince them they have a real problem. Nobody noticed he did not have the right accent? Or have any personal information indicating that he knew the people? 911 dispatch not paying attention to those details?


      C Even if this event is never repeated, but it will be.

      What is it going to do to our 911 dispatch efficiency? Response times?


      D I am beginning to think it is time to take the humans out of law enforcement.

      Do you really think a robot would have shot an unarmed man standing in his own doorway?


      And even if a robot got shot, would anyone loose sleep over it?


      Convert all Police to detectives, take away their guns. Give them stun guns/taser non lethal. And don’t let them out of Police HQ without a 2 drone patrol and camera’s rolling.


      You get caught deliberately breaking the rules your fired.


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      This was a bad situation top to bottom, but the steps taken to proerly curtail this sort of thing will be life changing.

      First of all, the cops are expected to respond to a situation. They would not be converging on this particular house in mass if they were not totally convinced there was SOMETHING wrong. Just doesn’t make sense for there not to be. By the time the police officer gets the word to go, the system has worked and he trusts that system to point him in the right direction. The system failed him, and that needs some attention, but the bigger issue here is one that I have been worried about for some time:

      The internet is the “wild west”.

      There are no rules on the internet. There is no protection for good people, and in many ways, the internet is a wide new world for people who want to hurt other people with no repercussions. Truly, GSF would not exist if not for this issue and we would all still be hanging out over on another forum. The reason all this is here is because people did not like to hear the truth that was demonstrated by myself and  Larry Gibson. You might be rolling your eyes and saying big phat hairy deal, but let me tell you something: I trusted the system over there and the professionalism of the staff implicitly. I had an enormous amount of information about the builds in progress and much of it was suddenly lost forever. My financial situation plummeted and communication became very hard overnight. That didn’t just hurt me, but many many members at the same time. This was brought on because certain strong arms in high places and some in very low places did not like what I had to say, and the fact that my opinion was irrefutable as was Larry Gibson’s. They could not win the old fashioned way, so they clicked five times with a mouse, and voila! The untouchable goodsteel just got touched, and so did my family. Think about it, how would you like to do your job well, and get punished for it? How would you like to go home and tell your wife that “No, I didn’t get fired, but I got my pay knocked down to nothing but trust me, it’ll be alright”. That was reality for me just because some POS in another part of the country didn’t like the success I worked for with HV cast bullets and the conclusions I came to. Lovely thought eh? I was actually told that you can do whatever you want to people online and it doesn’t matter. I was told this when I was being actively coerced by certain factions to use my moderator status to strong arm other people. I told them my badge wasn’t for sale, and that was the beginning of the end.

      Now, here’s this POS on the news who got somebody killed in another part of the country just by tapping away on a keyboard and clicking his mouse. “I ditn’t do nuffin” I’m sure he’s saying.

      The internet is the wild west and there is no law. If we want to keep the good parts of it, we will have to get involved and let people know what we love about it and the things we demand to be brought under the order of law. That is going to be about as fun getting done as taming the west was.

      I see certain interactive sites “like this one” as a kind of “good town” in the middle of a lawless place. For now, it’s the only control we have, but I can tell you there are thousands of threats that attack us every day that are never seen. On certain other interactive venues, things can get so bad that they actually materialize in real life (as this tragic situation demonstrates).

      Is the answer to disarm the police? Not really, although a situation like this does nothing to help solidify trust with the public and the “never there when you need them, armed cleanup crew in blue”.

      Is the answer to submit to the police without reservation and to disarm the public? Hardly. Although I do not recommend making a habit out of bucking their authority. That said, thank God they didn’t roll up on my front porch this way, as we are slightly better prepared to go down in a blaze of glory than your average household and if you think I’m going to be gunned down innocent on my front porch, you’ve got another think coming. Bad bad BAD situation there and I pray to God this never happens to me.

      The only answer is to clean up the internet and establish rules and punishments for those who break them. IE: less freedom.

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      My father was never on the internet, but he railed against it for years.

      Prostitution, pornography and wickedness.


      Like you would know dad.


      The internet is not that different from any street in any city.

      Where you end up depends on where you go and what you are looking for.

      You can end up in a library, or you can end up in a crack house. Or in a west Memphis slum loaded with whores, pimp’s and drug dealers.  Been there done that and it only took one wrong turn.


      Internet is no different.

      The internet is also main street, where business is done daily.

      The internet is also government, city, local, county, state and federal.

      And with out it, nothing works.


      Sheriff rides in and throws up a roadblock on the internet in order to start imposing rules life is going to get a little interesting.


      Personally I liked the wide open net.  I was cautious, watched where I stepped, treated people with respect, and had very few problems. It already has controls on it that it never used to have.


      I don’t know what the ultimate answer is.

      I just know it will be interesting getting there.

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      I think that guy broke a law already on the books.

      He sent the police on a goose chase.

      That alone should lock him up.

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