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      I am looking at buying a new Kubota since they are running zero % financing for 60 months till the end of the year.
      I mostly bush hog pastures,and load round bales of hay for horses, but and thinking of getting a front end loader so I can lift concrete shooting bench tops and such.
      One of my neighbors just bought the L4701. The forty five horse tractor is plenty for me.

      I have an old John Deere 2040 made in 76 that I will probably give to my son.

      Any suggestions for a certain Kubota model?

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      Generally speaking, I figure if you have land that needs a tractor, it’s the same philosophy as anvils, vices, and machine tools: Get the biggest and most versatile one you can afford!

      My experience is very limited, but the one you saw me using to build the concrete bench was one hell of a tractor. I bushhoged the entire property, scraped the 150 yard long driveway, and used it to help build the shooting bench, and all it cost me was about 4 gallons of fuel. The hydro-static drive was very intuitive to use. My only complaint was that the hydraulics were a little too “responsive” and it made for herky-jerky handling at times. No problem with a front end loader, but if you use a backhoe, a good old case will run circles around the Kabota.
      That said, it’s a fine piece of machinery and very well built.

      Sgt.Mike might have an opinion on this discussion, and it would be worth PMing him.

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      Kubota is a good tractor that is reasonably priced. Parts are exorbitant.

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      Have had one for 15 years or so now. Other than changing the oil regular, checking fluids and tire pressures, havn’t had one problem.

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      I have the little BX1870 (18hp) which is the garden tractor with a three point hitch absolutely love it can be used with cat 0 1and cat 1 implements.
      diesel what is not to like, thoroughly dependable will do light gardening cut grass hook a box blade, angle blade, plow, or tiller. Done the same deal 0% interest part of me says I should have gotten the front end loader. But then again I could let a little larger one with the front end loader later hehe

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