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      My current reloading project is the 7.5×55 Swiss. I loaded a spectrum of loads between 25 and 30 grains of imr4198 below the lee 312-155 sized to .310″. The best two performers (if you want to call them that) came on the same target. The group at the top of the picture is a 25 grain charge. There are 4 bullet holes shown on paper but the fifth was approx 1″ to the right of the page on the cardboard the target was taped to. The lower group was a 29 grain charge. Now, if I assume the three outside the group for 29 grains are shooter error I could accept loading up several more and testing again. What I cant figure though is the massive change in impact point between the two loads. The rifle’s rear sight was set at 100 meters and cannot go down further. I am aware that slower bullets sometimes point high but this seemed excessive considering one is way high and right, while the other is opposite that.

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