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      Evil executioner ‘White Beard’ caught as Iraqi forces hunt down last ISIS survivors

      A FEARED ISIS executioner nicknamed White Beard has been caught by Iraqi forces, reports claim.

      Abu Omer appeared in numerous despicable propaganda videos where Iraqi citizens are killed with swords for trivial offences.

      Images of him proceeding over a barbaric stoning were released by the sick terror group at the height of their powers.

      In the most recent images of the elderly terrorist killer, he is seen after being captured by Iraqi forces.

      Omer oversaw the horrifying murders in the group’s former capital of Mosul.

      The crimes his victims were accused of included homosexuality and blasphemy.

      The news comes after Turkish warplanes and artillery obliterated 100 ISIS targets hours after a gunman from the terror group slaughtered 39 New Year’s Eve partygoers inside an Istanbul nightclub

      Aerial footage shows aircraft flattening Islamic State hideouts with missiles close to the towns of al-Bab, Tadif and Bazgah in the north of Syria.

      Turkey’s military reported it had been successful in wiping out 22 of the group’s militants as part of its ongoing operation dubbed “Euphrates Shield”.

      Huge explosion can be seen as Turkish forces devastated targets with the help of Russian forces on Monday.

      Abu Omer was pictured in local being taken into a police station

      Pictures shared on social media showed Omer with a man who is reportedly a member of the Iraqi security services. Other images show Omer surrounded by an unknown group of Iraqi men.

      Omer, whose age remains unknown, has appeared in ISIS videos that have shown prisoners being beheaded and stoned to death, some on charges of homosexuality.

      In one particular 2015 video, he reads the charges of three men whom militants subsequently execute. He is shown in clerical uniform, suggesting that he may have played the role of a shari, or spiritual leader, who would read aloud the charges given to those punished under Sharia, or Islamic law.

      Another video shows Omer standing by a mound of rocks that are then used for a public stoning.

      ISIS has for more than three years used propaganda videos to instill fear into its opponents and to rally disaffected Muslims to its cause.

      The latest bombardment in the four-month campaign came as Turkish officials continued their manhunt for the nightclub killer.

      A gunman dressed as Father Christmas stormed the Reina venue in Istanbul and opened fire on clubbers celebrating the start of 2018.

      After shooting victims outside the nightclub, the attacker entered the club and started firing inside the building, on the banks of the Bosphorous waterway.

      At least 39 people were killed in the sickening attack, with a further 69 injured.


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