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      All of us here on the forum have Bubba’d a mauser or two.

      But how does this rank? This guy modifies a Winchester 21.

      Is this guy a Bubba, a gunsmith, or a Master Gunsmith??

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      Larry is fun to watch, a help to many home smiths and a

      HUGE NRA supporter.

      He has my vote as a “Good Guy”



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      Larry Potterfield is no bubba, and I’d say it in a heartbeat if he was. He has sought out excellent tutors and has invested in excellent tools, and it shows.

      There’s not many who could to such major elective surgery to a model 21, make a video detailing the process with a considerable reputation on the line and hold his head high after the fact.

      I’ve watched most of his videos. I differ in my methods, I use different tools, I have different opinions on how to do things, but I respect the man as a gunsmith.

      Like Larry says: “it’s nearly perfect, and that’s the way it is”.

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