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      As I go thru life my habits have changed, I used to by beer by the case for the weekend, and think it was the way to go
      now I buy less, but better quality and enjoy my time in my cups as I seldom do it, I don’t over indulge but still imbibe and enjoy.

      Some of these make me smile and I hope they do you also.

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      I’m on board with you on that. My wife and I enjoy beer tours here in the Northwest every couple of weeks. Yesterday it was the Odd Otter and Pacific Brewing in Tacoma. Great stuff.

      Sadly I see that you posted photos, but I can’t actually see ’em.


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      It may have been a sobriety test in a drinking post .. IE he sobered up by the last pic Post 🙂 🙂

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      I can get tuned up on my drinking for just a few bucks trouble it takes 3 drinks to feel it which generally takes hold in middle of the 4th ,the 5th is owed to some stupid social convention when we are out at which point I’m done . Ready to be poured into my jello leg bucket Ms drives or shoos me off to a room or bed where I emerge 6 hr later either with bleeding eyeballs full of sand or dieing of thurst which too often means I’ll have a 30 min resurgence of the 2nd drink .
      So basically I’ve set a limit of 1 double double mixed drink at home or 3 beers or no more than 3 frozen drinks or mixed drinks per 2 hours out and never again at altitude.

      I’m pretty proud of myself, after a bad run of family and friends dieing and that combined with marriage disintegration and early teen age daughters and a lot of actual pain made worse by the related stress that resulted in me drinking way too much and wasting a day every week puking hung over, I often forget there are 7 gallons of liquor, 5 gallons of wines and rarely less than 24 bottles of assorted beers on hand . I guess gross average the Ms and I and company probably guzzle away qt of wine ,6 bottles of beer and a pint of bourbon every quarter. With a .750 liter and 24-36 bottles of beer over that over that from Halloween to New Years day. Guests mostly and sipping around the fire pit in reflection.

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      I gave up on drinking a bit over ten years ago, got to the point I was no longer going to sleep and waking up. I was passing out and coming to, so one fine evening after spending some quality time with The Father, I quit cold turkey. He provided the strentgh, I exercised it, done deal.

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      Have found a good shot of a light rum over ice ( two if needed ) helps one sleep a little better each night. No more, no less.

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