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      I purchased an Ideal No. 3 reloading tool for a 32-40 Win rifle to load some nostalgic style ammunition. I also have an RCBS 32-170 GC bullet mold that I reloaded ammunition for deer season this year using slightly short converted 30-30 brass and Lee dies in a normal press. The Ideal No. 3 Tool has a single adjustable die on it, so when I go to seat the bullet I can adjust it to seat to the crimping groove but I think due to the different shape of the bullet mold I have I don’t get a case crimp, leaving the bullet not very tight in the shell. So, my question is, I assume now that the bullet mold has to be of the original design so that when seated by the Ideal No. 3 Tool the distance from the bullet fitting surface and the crimping ridge in the die is correct? If this is correct what bullet mold die do I need to make this work? I have also been watching eBay for the full length sizer die for the 32-40 Win cartridge but up till now have never seen one. Did Ideal or Lyman ever make one?

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