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    I was doing really well.  Last year I managed to buy only one gun.  And technically I paid $20 for it.  I won it at a raffle.  Normally I buy a few a year so a single purchase took a lot of self control.

    Well I lost all self control when I stopped in a regional shop on Wednesday.  I found out that they stock CZs.  Lots and lots of CZs.  I’ve never seen more in one place.  Multiple cases packed to the gills w/ every variant you could want.  Except what I was there for, a RAMI BD.  Like all CZs they come in batches and we’re in a RAMI BD dry spell at the moment.

    Got to taking to the owner which was a bad thing.  We were discussing limited production models and unicorns.  He happened to have a unicorn, a stainless RAMI P.  I thought they stopped making the polymer RAMI.  And I was not aware that they ever offered it in stainless.  It was a very light subcompact but the looks are subjective.  Alas, it was sold already.

    Handled an urban grey Shadow 2.  It almost came home w/ me.  But at just shy of $1300 and no time to compete it wasn’t to be. He informed they just sold their last Tactical Sport Orange and they had some Shadow Blues coming in early next week. I thanked him for taking the time to talk to me, which was well over half an hour, and started to make my way out of the store.

    About 5′ from the door I hear “hold on, I may have something you want”. Well that certainly got my attention. He opened up the case and pulled out a P-01 Omega Convertible. Not the rarest of CZs but quite to hard to find. It also ticks all the boxes for me. I didn’t have any guns w/ the Omega trigger. And being able to take the trigger apart myself, unlike the regular 75 trigger, sealed the deal.

    So now the question is what am I going to have Cajun Gun Works do to it. Internals are a given. Having the slide milled for a RMR is quite appealing. But it would make carrying it harder. I have a 75BD that I need to send in for work and that will be milled for a RMR as well as having their pro kit and 10x bushing installed. Decisions, decisions lol.

    Family portrait from top to bottom, 75BD, P-01 and a franken CZ that’s a Rami upper mated to a PCR lower w/ a slew of Cajun Gun Works and custom internal parts. By far my favorite pistol.

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    Couple weeks ago there was a lonely CZ75B-compact in the gun counter.

    I been wanting one for a long time, never saw one, only got to see the ads.

    There was one in the flesh. At similar price to the best ads.

    I asked if they took lay-a-awy, they did, and that was it !!

    Havent even shot it yet.  I was just glad to have one in the flesh.

    My 3 favorites are Browning HiPower, 1911, and CZ75 (steel)

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    I bought my first CZ in 2001 and still have it.  A CZ 22 rifle.  Ultra Lux Super BRNO with 28″ barrel.  Then came the 75B SA, 40 Cal. in 2002. Then a second one in 2015.  Then a SPO1 9mm upper with adj sights.  Then a Kadet 22 upper.  Two 40 uppers, 2 frames, one 9mm upper and a 22, all interchangeable with each other.

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    I had a .270 scoped rifle, and used it once in a deer tree stand. That was silly. A .270 for a 30 yard shot. The next gun show that came along it traded for a CZ .22mag auto rifle.(new)

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