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      What a weekend!!!
      I’d just like to say that everything folks say about it being better and more exciting to take a youngun out hunting are absolutely correct. I never really got it until today.
      Well, we are now in a position where we can hunt our own land (praise be to the Lord Jesus). Saturday morning, I shot two doe, and put meat in the freezer. My daughter was enthralled, and Sunday morning, she was up early with me to sit and hunt. I really didn’t expect to see anything, but sure enough, another doe stepped out at 130 yards, and I used my new custom rifle to send a bullet straight into the sweet spot.
      Natalie jumped so hard at the shot, she spilled hot cocoa all over herself!
      That didn’t stop her though, she said “I’m fine daddy, let’s go track it!!!”
      We found the deer (sucker took a perfect shot behind the shoulder and still ran 80 yards. She was cool as a cucumber when I shot her. Just shows to go ya that you never can tell what’s going to happen) and then drug it back to a good spot and used the tractor to collect it.
      Next, I skinned it, which was an amazing experience for both of us (her, because she’s never seen it done before, and me because I was enthralled with watching her reactions to the process).
      The rest of the day, she was my constant companion, carrying the 44 magnum rifle I built for her. She really applied herself and learned to walk softly through the woods, and how to stand and hunt all day long. My neighbor ran his beagles, and she got to hear them bay and feel that tingle when they get close!!!
      We ended up in a ground blind until dark. I knew she must have been almost whipped, but she stood right at my side and helped me process the deer, package it, and go dump the carcass.
      Finally, we all sat in the living room listening to Christmas music. She fell asleep in my arms in the loveseat. Plum tuckred smooth out. Before she drifted off, she said “I’ll never forget this day as long as I live daddy.”
      Neither will I.




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      Good times right there man!  Awesome day!

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      Now that is pure gold tim. Shine those memory’s up and put them away. They’ll keep you warm on many a cold night.

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      That is the good stuff right there!!!! She’s a real trooper for sure.

      I was blessed with 4 children and was able to enjoy those kind of experiences with all of them at different times. Wouldn’t trade if for the world and pity those that aren’t able to have those experiences.

      Children are truly one of God’s greatest blessings!

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      Snif, snif

      What JOY!!

      Thank you for sharing



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      Yep, good stuff right there.


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      Enjoy these times,  they are the best!

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