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      Let’s start with PCing bullets without a gun from the beginning.

      1) Get a number 5 container (with the #5 in the triangle, you need it to build static for the powder to cling to the bullets. cool whip containers work well)

      2) Cover the bottom of the container with black Airsoft BB’s (It the PC doesn’t cling to the BB’s you got the wrong kind See below


      3) put a tsp of PC in the container

      Most 80% (or better) gloss polyester PC should work you’ll find some just work better than others



      4) swirl the container rapidly to build up a static charge in the bullets so the PC will cling

      6) when the bullets are completely coated dump BB’s/powder and bullets in a colander  and sift out the BB’s & powder


      [ put something under the colander first or you’ll be chasing BB’s all night (don’t ask me how I know)] Make sure you get all the excess powder off. If you can’t find a colander with large enough holes in the bottom you can drill them out, just make sure to sand smooth all the rough edges.

      7) Dump the coated bullets on a bake screen (Steel Mesh Storage Tray) shake to distribute evenly. “Steel Mesh Storage Tray “   {See bottom of post}

      (this is using my best PC in a good oven, I’d recommend starting with ½ as many

      8) place in preheated oven @ 400° F or 204° C

      Convection ovens are preferred because they circulate the air and heat the entire oven evenly

      I bought this https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0097D2T7S/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and have done literally tons of bullets in it.

      I got my second (better oven) @ goodwill for $20 (a 2 shelf Oster convection oven)

      Toaster ovens will work but limit you to small batches or you’ll get uneven baking

      THIS IS IMPORTANT. ALL COUNTERTOP OVEN HEAT SETTINGS ARE OF DUE TO THE WAY THEY ARE DESIGNED. Test you oven temperature by putting a couple oven thermometers in the middle of the shelf you will be baking on. ( bought 1 for the shop <$5 and borrowed one from the kitchen just to confirm the one I bought was accurate). [img]https://i.imgur.com/kZNoCLu.png?1[/img]

      Turn the oven on then adjust the temperature setting until the two thermometers read 400°

      Note the needed setting (you will need to check this if the room temperature has changed a lot since the last time you checked.

      Line the bottom of the oven with a heat retaining media (I use ceramic BBQ briquettes others use fire-brick, pieces of metal or? This allows the oven to get back to temperature faster

      Manufacturers usually specify 10 min @ 400° in a pre-heated oven. I do 12 min for small batches and 15 min for large batches.

      9) when done baking remove tray and turn over on either another tray or towel, tap the bottom of the tray to dislodges any bullets that might remain stuck together. Rarely will the tray of bullets sticking together leave any marks

      When coated bullets are cool place 1 or 2 on a piece of metal and do the smash test. If you did the process correctly they won’t chip or flake. –If the do, put them back in the oven and add 3 minutes to your bake time,

      Generally you don’t need any lube to size PC’d bullets, they are pretty slick, You can use case lube if you want.

      IF you size before PCing make sure ALL the lube is cleaned off you sizer before using so you don’t contaminate the bullet

      “Licensed Crosman High Impact .25g Airsoft BBs” work.  0 28478 13239 9

      Crossman said .25 gram Premium Black BB called Max Precision are the same



      Steel Mesh Storage Tray (they also sell them at bed bath & Beyond)





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      Thank you very much for the step by step instructions.

      Do you stand them all up or just bake them as they are.

      I’ve only tried HF red and yellow so far with not so good results. Somebody did send me some samples of others. I just need to steal the toaster oven back from the kids.


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      Line 7– I just dump the well-sifted bullets out of the colander onto my baking screen. You get all the excess powder off you get minimal sticking.

      You can get HF red to work fairly well but there are much better powders out there.

      Let me know how it goes.

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