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      How can you plug one set of holes in the lyman sizer die??

      I got molds for .45 acp truncated cone bevel base, they cast & shoot very well. They fall out of the mold so fast, it is almost fun to cast with this mold. With a 6 cavity mold, I look at it as 1 magazine load (1911) each time I open the mold.

      Here is the rub: when I size/lube, there is 2 rows of grease holes in the lyman die, the bullet has only 1 lube groove, thus 1 hole set lubes the bevel base. this makes loading them very messy and I get grease too near the powder in the case.

      How can I plug 1 set of holes in the die??? I have tried couple different things with no luck myself.

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      They are designed to be plugged by tapping a piece of #7.5 shot into the hole.

      Opening is accomplished by using a drill bit of appropriate diameter to drill out just the piece of lead shot. Go slow and easy on this. Lead drills funky. Let the chip clear often. It is easy to get the drill to bite in and snap the tiny bit.

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