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      Have arrived at this new home from a place full of strife and snipers (with no shooting experience).
      I have served in the trenches since before Aimoo; I have always been a reader and have very little writing skills; but will answer any and all questions that are asked respectfully.
      Have been casting ever since that stupid DEA agent told me I needed to cast so I could save money and shoot better!! circa 1988.
      First self-bought gun was a G-17 so I do not want to hear that Kaboom’s exist; Gracias,but no Gracias.
      I own molds for every single caliber I shoot; even a 7.35 Carcano. Thanks Bullshop!

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      so far we are accepting Refugees 🙂 🙂
      That might change if you start groping my words and typing Ala… OH never mind welcome 🙂

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      Hi Armexman. Welcome to the site.

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