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    OK, I have a Win 94, 16″.  Have two molds, a 280gr. gas check and a HG68 45ACP 200gr. .  Has anyone used the ACP bullet and roll crimped over the front band?  Looking for an accurate, up to 100 yard load @ approx. 1250fps. mv.  I can achieve this easily with the gas checked 280, but want to see if it is possible with the lighter, non gc ACP bullet.  I could also seat a bit longer and use the ACP taper crimp die.

    Thoughts or experience?


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    I don’t have the #68 . I do have a 45-200 SWC . It shot well out of high point 45 ACP with loads delivering what they shouldn’t be in a revolver . I’ve shot a few in a 92′ with the 32″ twist and they made no great impression on me . If memory serves I crimped or at least seated under the top band . This prevented any magazine setback . This rifle gains about 200 fps over it’s RBH 7.5 and about 50 fps over most published data . In the 92s the only feed issue I had was with RP brass .

    With H322 I was able to go pretty fast with a 350gr RNFP .

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     Rattlesnake Charlie 
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    What Harter said about crimping into the lube groove to prevent bullet setback is important. If it ever started to be pushed back into the case the magazine spring would probably push it all the way down onto the powder or flush with the case mouth. That would cause pressures to skyrocket, likely catastrophically.

    While I don’t have any experience with your rifle, my experience with my Cimarron Arms version of the 73 winchester is that it does not like that shoulder on a SWC. It digests round nose flat points flawlessly. With the SWC you usually had to jiggle the lever a couple of times to get it to chamber a fresh round.

    I have no experience with .45 Colt out of rifles. I do have experience with .44 mag and .357 mag. At 100 yards, a longer bullet seems to do better in most cases. I’ll place my money on your 280 grain bullet over the 200. I also believe it would be much more effective on a deer.

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     Larry Gibson 
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    While the normal bullet for my 45 Colt loads is the Lee 200 RF which has a crimp groove I’ve shot lots of H&G 68 style along with 195 – 205 gr SWC 45 ACP bullets also.  I shoot them over 7.3 gr Bullseye for 950 fps out of my Uberti SAAs and 1200 fps out of my Uberti M1873.  I size the bullets .452 or .454 and taper crimp into the front drive band.  Recoil is low so I’ve not had any bullets set back into the case under recoil and/or spring tension.  If I did then crimping just behind the front drive band, as Harter mentions, would solve the problem.


    Larry Gibson

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