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      I have set up a gofundme campaign for Waksupi. I’m not much of a “facebooker” so I would appreciate everyone helping spread the word. Especially on castboolits.
      Thank you.…05628570f45efd

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      Whoa, hold the phone!

      When I went to the doctor last week, he told me the break was so old, he would need to re-break it, and start from scratch if there was a chance of improvement. Thing is, he wasn’t sure it would actually get better than what it is at the time, by doing that.
      So, he injected silicon into the area, and has put me on physical therapy. It already feels better, and going this route has eliminated the perceived needs that I would have had.
      Tim, I thank you much for the thought, but it really isn’t necessary now, and I sure wouldn’t want to receive anything under false pretenses!

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