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    For years, my dad carried his Remington 7600 in 280 Remington around in the woods of PA for deer season.  As age was/is wearing on him, he’ll turn 80 in few days, messing with the magazine in the 7600 was aggravating him along with the fact that he was doing more “field shoot’n” since the knees and back won’t let him climb the rocks on the mountain anymore.

    So a couple years ago, I outfitted a Ruger M77 in 6mm Remington thinking it would recoil less, shoot flat, and he could use it to hunt some ground hogs in summer months.  All was well for a few years, but as I left PA to head home this year at the end of the two week rifle season, he handed it back to me.  It really caught me off guard, so I had to ask if he was giving up or what he had in mind.  He said, “I am done with messing around with this bolt action”.  “To much loading and unloading hassle for me”, he said.  I said, “Pop you know if you didn’t go to town for coffee 3 times before lunch, you wouldn’t have to be loading and unloading all the time”.  We all chuckled a bit, but truth be known he has about zero ambition to kill anything anymore.  Years ago he couldn’t wait to “stack’m up”, but those days are long gone.  He left 2 bucks go this year, just because “they didn’t look big enough”!

    Anyway, he says, “I want one of those Handi Rifles”.  I said, “ok Pop, but what caliber do you want”?  He says, “I need another 280, nothing drops’m in their tracks like a 280 you know”.  Well I already had a 500S&W Handi sitting here, so off I go to fleebay to buy a barrel.  I received it a few days ago, and put it together today.  Guess it’s time to make some test loads and wait for some warmer weather! That’s a Swift 6-18X44 siting on top! I used it for years on another rifle and it worked great.

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    Very cool.

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