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      On the morning of Christmas Eve the weather prediction was for 1 – 3”. It started snowing at sunrise, light at first, then heavier, not stopping until just before sundown. There was 8” on my picnic table on the deck. Christmas day was bright and sunny reaching above freezing in the afternoon. I shoveled my deck and the front walkway. Woke up on the 26th to another 8” of snow. On the 28th I shoveled my pickup out and went to the grocery store. Pitiful. Likely there had been panic buying with the onset of the storm, and likely the trucks could not get up the hill to resupply. The few remaining vegetables looked like something that should have been thrown away the day before. They did have eggs, thankfully. Yesterday, I shoveled the patio and front walk (again). No snow since. Has been single digit at night and barely above freezing during the afternoon. At least you don’t work up much of a sweat shoveling. I’ll try to attach some photos. One I took with my drone. Fun big-boy toy. The one of the wheelbarrow shows total snow. I had it just about level with firewood before the snow fell.

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      No snow here in SE Missouri yet this year. Not really wanting any eather. The older I get the more I don’t like it

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      Y’all can just keep all that stuff up there, don’t miss that snow one bit.


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