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      I have loading some heavy bullets for the 358 win with a 200 gn Hornady round nose, the Hornady manual loads up to 48 gns. I am working my way up and at 47 gns it is almost to the mouth of the case how well does H 4895 take being compressed thanks rrh

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      While I cannot answer how this load would be when “compressed”, don’t overlook the opportunity to get the existing charge to occupy less volume. Slight tapping/vibration of the case will allow the powder grains to align better and occupy less volume. Black powder cartridge users employ a long “drop tube” which accomplishes much the same thing (getting the same weight of powder into a smaller volume). I did this with .303 British when the charge of IMR 4350 came to the case mouth. When dropped through the tube it only came to the bottom of the neck. Just offering some “options”.

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      Short answer: it’ll give you about 3/4″ of the neck’s worth of compression, then start pushing the bullet out or bulging your brass. It will compress to a certain point (and less than long grain powder) then stop short. It’ll sooner bulge your brass than go a step further.
      That’s why I always used 3031 in the 358WCF. With cast bullets in LC brass, I’ll fill it till it starts pushing the bullets back out. Back off 1/4 grain and there it is. Faster 4198 never gave me the performance, and that is exactly the reason I went to the 35XCB wildcat and bullet.
      id say you are right at the point where things start going pear shaped (literally). If you can score some 3031 somewhere, that would be the stuff to use.
      One thing I would be trying in your position is Leverevolution. Treat it like a big 35Remington and see what you can do with that. The precision might not be there, but I guarantee, you’ll get the speed!!!

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