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      Guy calls me says his new lee quick trim for 300 blackout will not work at all ..
      he has Lee turret press mounted to a B&D portable clamp mate ..
      So bring the whole rig over here and lets figure it out ..

      He unloads it from the car. I ask for the Trim Die with the instructions ..
      I read OUT LOUD Screw lock ring ALL the way to the top.
      Screw trim die into press all the way
      remove spacer from the Quick Trim .. He say there is no spacer ..
      hand me the quick trim .. I remove the nice shiny spacer
      I insert quick trim into the die and trim a case

      problem solved

      Just had to laugh..

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      I meet some people and wonder how they made it to adulthood, lol.

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      Yeah I would have laughed too, mainly because at one time or another even I, failed to “read the directions”:eek: and had to go back yo ground zero and start again.

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      My neighbor came over and asked for some help on his RV. He had put a new battery in it and he just couldn’t get any juice to the motor. I took the 2 caps off of the posts. and mounted the connecters problem solved.
      His last words to me as I left. I will never hear the end of this!

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      One just never knows. My Dad was a front end alignment and brake man, owned a bear wheel alignment shop for a good many years of his life. I’m about as mechanical as he or more so, but my brother and my son can’t get lighter fluid in a old school lighter I don’t think.

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      Dick;n4411 wrote: I meet some people and wonder how they made it to adulthood, lol.

      I have to wonder how some people find their way out of bed in the morning!

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