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      Redundant cone of fire , POI on demand discussion for the benefit of rookie reloaders net surfing for whatever .

      One spring and summer about 10 yr ago in the infancy of my casting days I worked a jacketed deer slayer in a new case lot . I know some of you guys have read about the 06′ Savage and it’s 8.5 twist special order thing . I knew by then what it liked so it was just a matter of keeping the Remington brass away from it and hitting 2650 MV w/o breaking 2710 and it’s a hunter with the now discontinued bullet ……..
      Moving on .
      I shot 3 different cast bullets , 3 powders , and 5 lots of cases .
      The results were boringly normal for the rifle . Some where in the first quarter of the load data window the group would close to about an inch then blow out . It always ran significantly faster than data and beyond paper patched I’ve never had a bullet that was properly seated that would touch the lands .
      The long game left me with a use for 250 pieces of RP brass and good loads solidly planted in 30-30 country .

      The big thing was that at some point after a zillion tweeks and a rifle that just quit shooting for no reason (there was a great reason but that’s another tome of it’s own) I decided I should look at just what was really practical from the rifle . I had 30-35 targets of best groups from 5 shot strings . Some were duplicates for proof some were this vs that change ….
      At any rate I put a dot on a clean sheet and put the eyeball center hole of the groups on that dot and marked 150 plus shots flyers and all. What emerged on the clean sheet was was a just shy of 2″ circle all shot at 100yd . Cast , jacketed , Red Dot , Unique , 4895 , 4350 , FC , RP , WW , LC , 130gr , 150 ,155 , 200 gr . It was just amazing to actually see all of those mediocre to hang that group on the wall to brag about targets all on one sheet . I had a whole new appreciation for the rifle as well as my skills .

      I wouldn’t go so far as to recommend that everyone do it but it did bring a hohum knock about rifle into focus . It also showed me what the long game really looked like in that rifle and as a hunting base that was very important to me .

      Always learn from the data even if it’s only what doesn’t work .

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