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      The new place has about 150 yards of driveway that was in rough shape and getting rougher with all the rain lately. I called several landscaping companies to see about quotes for resurfacing it, but they ranged from outright unwillingness to work to quoting some astronomical price. I said “so is this SB2 we’re talking about here or crushed gold nugget?”
      Seriously, one place quoted me $3600 for a GRAVEL driveway.
      Yeah, pass.

      Then, a couple days ago, I called my nearest neighbor about 5 miles down the road who happens to be a landscaping company. I introduced myself and asked for advice. My new nieghbor was very forthcoming and told me exactly who to call.
      I called up this fellow he told me to call, and asked him if he delivers gravel, and could he chain spread it for me. He said sure, but he sells it by the dumptruck load only and it’s $320 per truck.
      I told him I wanted 4 trucks.
      He replied by asking if tomorrow would be a good time?
      I said “yes, roll them trucks!”

      So today we got a new driveway. The guy who sold me the place was waiting in the driveway with his Kabota tractor when I got home, and scraping it with the bucket. He said “Dam son! You sure got it done!”
      He told me to jump up on the tractor and see if I can run it. The last time I was on a tractor like that was in the 90s, but I picked it up again pretty quick. He yelled to park it behind the house when I was done and he took off, so I worked on the driveway till after dark.
      I think I got the bulk done, but I need to clean up a few more rough spots tomorrow.

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      I buy #5’s or #57 I think the price is about $300 a load.

      I need a new Kubota tractor too.

      Maybe next year..

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      Have you ever noticed that in our world today there are those who like to whine and cry, those who can do it but want a retirement off one job and there are those who grab the bull by the horns , jump in and just get it done ??
      Nice work !!


      Those Kubota tractors are long lived and handy as heck. Have had one for over ten years now and wouldn’t trade it for nothing !!

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      The gravel in your guts and the spit in your eye, “Johnny Cash”

      Well done, well done, stick to it


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      Excellent, looks like a fine driveway.
      When we first moved into our place and had gravel delivered, the gravel truck got stuck. I used my F350 4×4 crewcab diesel pickup and a long thick nylon tow rope to get him out.

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      The guy you bought the place from is one heck of good guy.

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      Tim, your luckier than I am, I have a 4 mile driveway….all dirt. I had 16 8 ton loads brought in, it’s what they call pit. Different sized river rock up to about 3 inches. Right when they brought the last load my tractor front tires went in the opposite direction of each other. Not a broken tie rod it was the power steering rod that broke in half.

      I went over some of it with my landscape rake, with gauge wheels, comes out smooth as silk.

      You think anyone else would chip in? NOPE

      I get so tired of mud when the roads wet, poor truck gets about 30Lbs heavier just going from my house to the highway.

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      looking good. Your price is the same as up here around Springfield. Nothing like new gravel to drive on!

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