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      Tim, I have seen on a few other forums they are talking about the need for permits on WMA lands in Arkansas. That you NEED to have a permit to use the lands. But in the permit you are waiving your rights to search and seizure.

      here is what I am referring to.

      I know a lot of duck hunters are not signing this as it gives the DNR the right to strip search you and to come to your house without probable cause.


      Have you seen this or know anything about it?


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      I know nothing about this. Seems pretty straight up to me though. In Arkansas, the Wildlife officers have more power than a police officer (though they rarely exercise it).

      The WMA’s are wildlife management areas. Some are merely sectioned off forrests and state lands, while others (like the SUA’s) are heavily regulated to protect the wildlife.

      There is a good reason I see no problem with this, and it has to do with the number of meth labs that I’ve tripped over in the woods. Here in Arkansas, almost every square inch is owned by somebody, and the WMA’s are one of the few places douchbags can hang out in the summer and cook without alerting the authorities to their presence. These guys are not stupid (that’s relatively speaking) and they will buy a hunting/fishing licence and wave it in the court’s face and say naner naner boo boo……..

      So, here you see the wildlife officials saying that people in the woods of Arkansas can be searched like a common drug dealer. That’s because occasionally, there really are drug dealers hanging out in the woods, and every sportsman out here want’s them shut down at every opportunity.

      I know the game wardens in my area, and they are all fair men with a tough job to do. Their shoulders are broad enough to carry the responsibility we place on them as well as the authority.

      I’ll look into it further, but I do believe this is business as usual, and as long as you’re not trying to cook and sell in the woods, you’ll never have to worry about this.

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