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      Good evening,

      I am/was Bullseye67 on this forum and several others. I live close to Edmonton and spend a lot of time shooting ISSF and NRA bullseye at our local indoor range.

      After a several month hiatus, I have finally convinced the computer gods that I want to be on this forum.

      I am a boolit caster for pistols, muzzle loaders and rifles. I cast over 400 pounds of alloy last year. My latest challenge is getting the accuracy and velocity in a 30 caliber rifle that Larry does. Despite being almost 1700 miles apart I spent an afternoon learning and shooting with Larry in December.  So much knowledge and so much easier to learn hands-on….I believe that day increased my progress by leaps and bounds. I found out I was doing things 90% and had been just missing the extra percentage. Thank you Larry.

      Expect to see me posting my results when the weather here gets warm enough that I can get out to the range and see if I can get the rifle I am building will shoot those nice little groups at 300 yards like “Dawn” can.

      Have a fantastic weekend🍺🍺

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      Good to see you here, I’m a new member myself but I have also read a lot of the work ups that Larry has done. I need to one day get in touch with him being as we live in the same state but for the mean time will enjoy his posts, welcome back and hopefully I can learn more from what you have to offer.

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      Welcome welcome welcome!!!!!!

      Very good to see you sir! Thanks for taking the time to make it happen. Places like this do not run without good men like yourself here.

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