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      I got everything set up this morning about 6:30 to cast some bullets. I got everything up to temp and was in the middle of the 2nd mold I was using today and looked at the Digital controller and the temp had gone haywire, I checked it when I changed molds and it was about 690° as I had fed the pot with the sprues from the previous mold and started casting with the second mold. I glanced at the controller and it was back up to 700° where it was supposed to be. I cast for about 20 minutes and glanced up and it was around 590° and going down but the melt kept pouring.

      I looked in my cabinet full of casting stuff and found a different thermocouple and unplugged the failing one and plugged in the new one and the temp immediately went to 840°. The unit was trying to get the temp back up but the old thermocouple was burned out . I guess 4 years is the limit on those things.

      Len H.

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      A very good point Len. Thermocouples are cheap and they are expendable. There’s no reason not to change them occasionally. I should really throw a new one in my pot too!!!!

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