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      I C H I really appreciate you thread on how to use a mic!! I am not a good wordsmith so I would find it difficult to explain another handy tool I have been using a LOT since I learned of it. There is a 4 piece set that is used to measure the inside dia. of holes. I use it to measure the inside dia of case necks. It is a small ball on the end of a shaft, and the ball can expand to duplicate the inside dia. which I find hard to do accurately. But as an advanced loader you are probably awair of this device and its use. I think others could benefit from using them also. Kevin

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      Yep. Small hole gages. I have a set and use them all the time. Measuring inside case neck diameters is one great use, but you must make sure that the case neck has no burs…ie chamfered well. The small hole gage is a tool that requires good feel to get an accurate, repeatable measurement. I also use them to check swage die diameters.

      No problem on the write up. I am glad that it helped. If you have any more questions or need any help feel free to drop me a line. Take care Kevin and have a great weekend!

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