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      Mike. Pleasure to meet you. Tim and I are old colleagues. I lost your personal message. All my fault. Broken down old fart. You made me start to think. (You still smell smoke?)

      Anytime someone uses Wiki for a source I cringe as an educated person. Remember it is written by the public and is not fact checked (edited) by a real expert like a dictionary or encyclopedia. It is often wrong or completely misleading.

      There is a list of rifle cartridges on Wiki: check the 30-40 Krag. Then check the 30-06 Springfield on the same. Lastly get a copy of “Cartridges of the World I mean the book so named, and look at the 30-40 Krag It calls the 30-40 the .30 U.S. Army. We relative youngsters think of the 7.62 Nato as the 30 Caliber Army round is loose parlance prevalent in many of the users of my day. Mostly it was just referred to as “30 cal rounds.” There are also many references in print that have been revised of errors as they have gone through new editions, as has “Cartridges of the World.” I enjoyed going through my book shelves, and checking things out. Watch what you look at. You often have to look at many things to derive the correct answer. We don’t want to be guilty of desseminating “misinformation.” If you would have said the 06 US Army Round I wouldn’t have thought twice.

      Nicknames abound all over. During the VN conflict most GI’folks thought little of Nato, since the hot spot was SEA. Many of my friends had been “Arc Light” TDY for “Six Months Less Day.” Some had also done a Perminant Duty year as an Un-Accompanied Overseas Assignment at least once. This is the type of thing that is best pointed out and referenced over coffee… or whatever. I shared an apartment with a fellow who did one of those long TDY’s to Anderson AFB Guam. The motto was: “Guam is Good by order of the Base Commander.” You folks today refer to these things as “Deployments.” of some type I believe, when you are not there long enough to get credit for a permanent assignment.

      Take a look at the things I referenced. Tell Tim to keep trying to remember to take the key out of the chuck, and to keep his belly off of the lead screw. We don’t want his head to get too much bigger, as in “swell-headed.”

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      Yeah I did not type .30 U.S. A rmy and shortened it to .30 Army for the 30-40 Krag, even though I linked to Wiki for everyone’s ease of read and checking what it states. The actual information that I was basing my statements on comes from "the Springfield 1903 Rifle" By LTC Brophy . LOL a Copy sits on my desk permentaly. I agree with your Wiki statement. I have seen it be "generally" right kinda like a Hand Grenade LMAO.
      But please do kick in when I post in haste and the CRS kicks in, sometimes it just happens LOL

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