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      PC accuracy thread:

      This is needed.

      Here’s the “recommended data”:
      Measured groups of ten shots (you get one flier) and a PICTURE of the group.
      Load data and firearm particulars.
      No cropping, No photoshop, No data pasted over holes in the target, No measuring of “clusters”.
      We don’t care what the bullets look like (there’s other threads/forums for that). What we are after here is a real demonstration of accuracy on paper.
      This kind of data will do more for bringing PC into the mainstream than anything IMHO, and what’s even better is that more people will learn what the tricks are for pushing PC to low rifle speeds perhaps as fast as 2400FPS.
      That said, any group is acceptable here. This is an attempt to learn and demonstrate reality. Not a contest (except with yourself).
      What say you?

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