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      Design Team – Josh and Sarah
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      We have finished the last of the design changes and bug fixes that can be changed/fixed. For best results clear your browser cache and data in your browsers and use the latest updates of browsers and operating systems, but should work with most user setups from IE10 to Windows 10’s new browser. Firefox and Chrome should also be working great (Tested with both Windows, Linux, and phone).

      As we move forward the next few weeks we will be looking for little color and design touches that were missed. It is almost imposable to catch them all on the first couple of passes in a forum of this size and functionality so please be patient with us just a little longer while we clean up.

      The next project is to get a chatroom up and running by the end of August. This should not be a problem, but I am sure there will be bugs to work out and times between now and then, because of the work we are doing, that the forum might be down for a short time or not run at an optimal level. If you run into this remember clearing your cache is your friend try that first and if you are still having the problem, give it some time. We are doing our best to bring Tim’s vision to light.

      Thank you for your time and patients.

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      Thank you Josh and Sarah for all your hard work!!!!

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