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      It froze in the early morning hours of Saturday September 24th here in Los Alamos. The cucumber and zucchini plants croaked. On Sunday morning October 2nd, I picked the garden clean. About 20 pounds of zucchini and cucumber. I made 16 loaves of zucchini bread in addition to prepping several gallons of zucchini to become green chili stew. Now, I gotta get hot making pickles!

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      I thought were were looking at a freeze on Thursday morning but it looks like it might hit tonight , hope not. Trying to save the tomatoes that have yet to come in.
      Did get all the peppers cabbage, snow peas, and green beans in. Also pulled the squash and pumpkins.

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      Still pickin’ okra (‘oker’ here in the territory) and cukes. Might get a few more pumpkins from a summer planting.

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