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      Start water on to boil –
      I use Herbal Sweet & Spicy Tea bags

      (one per cup of H2O)
      take some sprigs of mint and strip the leaves from the stalk.
      about 1/2 cup pack per every 4 cups
      In a container large enough to put all the water
      add the mint leaves & enough boiling water to cover
      and muddle (bruise with a hard object)

      put in your Herbal tea bags and add remaining water
      let steep – when coolish add juice of 1 citrus fruit
      Lemon, lime or even tangerine per each 4 cups or
      per taste and stir. Then strain into a bottle for storage.
      Once cool enough put in the fridge.

      When you want a cool mint sweet tea fizz
      (caffeine and booze free) add about 5 oz
      of your newly minted mix (PUN)
      to a tall glass of ice and one can of
      Diet Ginger Ale – garnish with small sprig of mint
      and sip thru a straw on the

      You can kick it up by using Ginger Beer instead of
      diet ginger ale and you can add Whiskey or Bourbon
      to make it a true adult beverage.

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