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      1# Kretschmar Black Angus Off-The-Bone Roast Beef, sliced on setting #1, from Harp’s
      1 can Campbell’s Consomme’
      1 package Johnsonville Sausage Rolls
      Sliced Swiss cheese

      Pour the Consomme’ in a medium to large sauce pan. Add at least 1/2 can of water, or it will be too salty. Put in 1/2# of the roast beef, or as much as will fit and be covered by the Consomme’. Heat until lightly steaming/simmering, but not boiling, while toasting the sausage rolls in the oven. Top the buns with cheese and return to oven long enough for the cheese to melt.

      Take the buns out of the oven, and use a pair of tongs to top the buns with the roast beef. Pour some of the Consomme’ into a ramekin or bowl for dipping. Horseradish
      sauce is good with it as well.

      You can get all the ingredients at Wal-Mart, except the roast beef, which I have only seen at Harp’s. The roast beef is $10/#, but well worth it, and a # will make several sandwiches.

      Since this is supposed to be a quick easy meal, I usually grab a small tub of Reese’s Deviled Egg potato salad while they are slicing the meat, and serve with Claussen dill spears as well, or just kettle cooked chips instead of tater salad.

      I always have a couple cans of Consomme’ in the pantry! I put a can in when I make chili.

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